Aidan Tulloch: Somewhere without lights - EP Review

Yorkshire born artist, Aidan Tulloch is here with the nostalgic EP ‘Somewhere Without Lights’. With five tracks in total, we are taken on a musical journey – one which will stay with you long after you’ve finished listening. It’s honest, emotive, and emerges from the idea of feeling truly alive, whether that’s in a dark night of the soul, or dancing until they turn the lights on.

We’ve all experienced this right? The moments you experience where life just couldn’t be any better than it is at this very moment. Well, Aidan has captured that in this release, he says “sound and light get a chance to go off-piste”.

Opening with “Milk and Orange Juice” what I can imagine would be a rather rancid combination if you mixed the two together – but here Aidan gives us a reason to love it. The exhilarating track recalls the familiar catharsis of a heady night, built around a distinctive drop which I have to say is my favourite part of the song. He truly showcases his ability to experiment with an array of different sounds in the very first track – whether vocals or production.

The next track, ‘Goalposts’ is a classic indie tune, featuring euphoric guitar riffs that give Tulloch a chance to reminisce on his adolescent summer days in North Yorkshire. It’s cleverly crafted not only in production but also lyrically, “he thinks we’re still sixteen” is certainly a stand-out line. A song that would perfectly accompany you on a hot summers day, or fitting to be played at a festival. I have to say the beginning of the song made me think of Busted.

There’s a variety of genres in this EP, indie-rock, pop, electronica, folk, and classical.

The EP meets a change of sound when we hit third slower piano track ‘Santa Susanna’, followed by ‘Song for Armageddon’ which has a drastic change of sound again. It’s probably the most energetic sounding song on the EP, soaring synths and an explosion of jangly guitars and driving beats. If you’ve ever seen E4’s Made in Chelsea, it sounds like a song that would fit in the show well.

The final track, ‘Somewhere Without Lights’ rounds the release off brilliantly. It’s the calm after the storm, it becomes obvious in these tracks that Aidan has a wide ability to play pretty much any instrument. And here we see the cinematic piano he has created, which transports you to another world. You can switch off and relax, let the track wash over you, and allow your thoughts to float away. Bringing a clear and peaceful end to the record, you only wish that it lasted a little bit longer.

With the aim of creating music that can be a sanctuary or outlet for others, Aidan says: — “As a fan, I’ve noticed the beautiful effect that music can have on people in terms of euphoria, comfort, intensity, and depth. I’m at a stage now where I want to create that for other people. Sometimes everything just seems banal, stagnant, stuck, and I want to create musical and poetic environments to feel released from that.”

Give 'Somewhere Without Lights' a listen below:

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