Alpaca Factory - The Bigger You Are

I always enjoy listening to new artists; hence the reason for starting The M Word. Alpaca factory are something special, they strike me as an early Arctic Monkeys just on the brink of fame.

The lead track on the single ‘The Bigger You Are’ is a prime example of indie-rock, heavy on insane guitar solos and magnificent drumming. Not only are Tom’s vocals what I would describe as hypnotic, but the lyrics are also crafted to perfection. Some songs you listen to but don’t really notice the words, whereas this is an exception.

My favourite part lyrically was the chorus, ‘they say the bigger you are the harder you fall’. By the time the song ended, I found myself adding both songs to my playlist before I had even heard the second.

Song two, ‘Around the Bend’ is different but excellent. The lyrics and vocals strike me as slightly emotional but still sticking to Alpaca Factory’s indie rock sound. Neither songs should be listened to with half of your attention, so sit down, put your headphones on for maximum enjoyment and ignore the world whilst listening to ‘Bigger Than You Are’.

Follow their socials and keep an eye out for any new releases which may be on the way!

Stream ‘The Bigger You Are’ below:

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