Arcadia Dragoons - Flamingoes

I’m very excited for The M Word’s first international review request to be for Arcadia Dragoons!

Currently, the solo project of Sergio Leal hailing from Colombia but now living in Texas, he has just released his first single entitled 'Flamingoes' on November 22nd last year.

As Flamingoes is Sergio's first release, it truly is something to behold. Not only does his talent and passion for music seep through his well-crafted song, in turn, it takes our heart in his hands and leaves us with no choice but to embrace the journey he is facing with him. His vocals are gentle but powerful in their sincerity, combined with his solo instrumentation Flamingoes will leave you with goosebumps.

I spent many hours, by the lake

That I hold, when I close my eyes

It’s the same, that we made in a daze

Where we’ve come see, how to keep afraid

Cause I feel at bay,

You’re here yet so far away

I long for a trace,

In our face, reflection

Stream ‘Flamingoes’ on Spotify below!

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