Askies - Easy

The indie-rock quartet who have taken the Leeds music scene by storm is here with their latest release ‘Easy’. But, the boys make sure they stand out in the overpopulated market, adding their own irresistible indie charm to their music and it’s worked in their favour. Many live performances later, supporting some names we all love, Riscas and Little Comets to be a few. They have conjured up a vast following up and down the country with their energetic live performances and a passion for their craft which echoes through their music, note by note.

Now, ‘Easy’ is a track which is impossible to not love. It’ll be on repeat on your Spotify for a ridiculous amount of plays because it’s just simply stellar. Askies certainly haven’t left their fans disappointed with this release.

With an ever-lasting energy present throughout the song, authentic vocals which I could liken to that of Catfish and The Bottlemen and immense guitar riffs, your love for indie music will reach a whole new level.

Obviously, it’s a track they are incredibly proud of and why wouldn’t they be? So, go give it a listen below and support Askies. It’s only just beginning and if it’s this good already, I can’t wait to see where they are in a year’s time.

Talking about the release, the band have said: “it’s a common situation in relationships, and most people would be able to relate to the same type of anger’s voiced through the lyrics, and the overall sound of the song.”

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