Askies: Forty-Three

FFO: Riscas, Marsicans, The Covasettes

2020 saw the release of a handful of singles from Leeds-based indie-rock quartet Askies: Catch Up, Easy, and the most recent of the three is Forty-Three, which was released on 11th December.

Despite everything that occurred last year – and is looking likely to occur again this year – Askies took to house number 43 and locked themselves down over the summer, which gave them all the time in the world to plan, write, and record.

Raw vocals and swirling instrumentals are what this band does best, but this single takes a new stance, embodying the highs and lows of lockdown and the world’s collective angst and upset. Forty-Three runs rogue of what we usually see from Askies, allowing us to grab a sneak peek into what they’re going to throw at us next.

After selling out two hometown shows and having made quite a name for themselves in the county-wide scene, Forty-Three was a strong conclusion to their 2020. It was only the beginning, though; Askies are preparing to release their debut EP in 2021. Is this year gonna be their breakthrough year? We all hope so.

Check out Forty-Three here:

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