Awkward, Electronic Futurism: Helium Foil Giant Balloon by Intern

The vibrancy and free-flowing colours of the artwork to ‘Helium Foil Giant Balloon’ offer a beautiful contrast to the jagged, electric edge offered by the song.

The lead single off their self-titled debut EP, Intern’s rhythmic complexity and range of almost uncomfortable sounds captivate the listener into a distant future, where cyberpunk is the name of the game. Video game soundtracks immediately spring to mind, with an almost subtle heaviness that is reminiscent of the genius of Mick Gordon and the perplexing sounds he manages to create.

Intern themselves have described the ‘honking’ bass sounds that signal their arrival on the electronic music scene. The duo, comprised of Murphy and Nicholas, has arisen out of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama – and their first musical offering sets the bar high for an exciting future of eclectic experimentation.

Listen here:

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