Bam Bam The Band - 'Rustle Up Something' EP Review

Today I would like to introduce ‘Rustle Up Something’ the COVID-19 inspired EP brought to us by BamBam The Band. Not only do they have a quirky name, but their sound is a distinctive one which flows through each release effortlessly. It’s available on Bandcamp and the money raised from it will go directly to ‘CLARITY’ a North Devon based mental health charity.

The first track ‘Beans’ will explode into your ears and deserves to be played loud. I’m ashamed to say this is the first time I have heard a track by Bam Bam. My first listen made me reminiscent of Kings of Leon; you can imagine this song lighting a stage on fire and the crowd screaming the lyrics back the lyrics. With lyrics inspired by an argument, relatable to many couples after being cooped up with someone, sung with a snarl we hear 'I can’t be arsed to cook tonight, would you like beans instead?’.

It’s the heavier track out of the overall EP, but it’s a perfect beginning – you can’t put your finger on the genre, but you’ll love it.

The second track, ‘Flatten the Curve’ it’s the perfect middle. Then to round off the EP we have 'KYD', opening with ‘my head is filled with these thoughts, but I don’t have the words to say’, introduces a melancholy feel to the previous tracks, the sarkiness is taken away and here we see Bam Bam's heart on their sleeve.

Riding out the highs and the lows of lockdown, the good parts; the sunny days, the rainy days and the low mental health days. This EP is something that everyone should listen to, whether right now or tomorrow.

Give it a listen below:

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