Barnsley boys Strines implode with powerful indie-rock anthem 'Modern Times'

Despite being their first Spotify release, Strines are not new to the music scene. With a plethora of supporting and headline gigs under their belts, the quintet has quickly made sure everyone knows they are ones to watch with their electrifying performances.

After a shakeup in the band and losing a member, the boys are now re-branded and back with: Ross (lead vocals), Dan (lead guitar), Millan (rhythm guitar), Adam (bass) and James (percussion).

With a sound that will lead you to believe Strines is following in the footsteps of Oasis, ‘Modern Times’ commences with heavy bass, and a classic indie-rock beat which brings Ross’s raspy vocals to the forefront creating a timeless indie anthem.

A project which had been in the works for some time, on and off, I for one am glad ‘the lyrics quite literally fell out of the sky while driving to the practice room’ sparking the release of ‘Modern Times’.

Let us know what you think, and give ‘Modern Times’ a listen below!

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