Behind The Moon release stunningly atmospheric tune 'Tidal Wave'

Originating from Stoke on Trent, eclectic electronic duo Behind The Moon have released their hauntingly honest track, ‘Tidal Wave’. The single freely explores the highs and lows of living with a mental illness and opens a window into the mind of a borderline, but for members Hannah Sophie and Scott Evans it’s not just about discussing mental illness, they want to find new ways to raise awareness around the topic.

Scott said: “This song means more to me than any other that we have written. Hannah captures, in lyrical form, exactly how I felt during a particularly dark time in my life.”

It’s an important topic and it’s a shame that often it can be seen as taboo. But, in 'Tidal Wave' the duo have crafted a song that gets behind the topic of Mental Health. With emotive lyrics stunningly sung by Hannah and empathetic synth, an atmosphere is created which will pull on your heart strings and make you wonder why on earth you haven’t listened to ‘Tidal Wave’ before.

Hannah said: “We feel that now more than ever is the time to speak out. Not only are we facing a global pandemic, but we are facing a mental health crisis and we have been for some time.”

Give them some support and stream ‘Tidal Wave’ below:

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