Ben Stafford - As One

Lancashire’s answer to Ben Howard, Ben Stafford is blessing us with another unsurprisingly breath-taking folk release ‘As One’ available for your listening now.

Leaving you reminiscing of the summer romance you once had, or able to envision one, ‘As One’ introduces you to Ben’s signature style; crisp guitar and his gentle vocals. But, this time with a difference. The female vocals are a breath of fresh air, the combination of the two are a duet to a love you won’t want to forget, cradling the song so well you will be rendered speechless.

It’s perfectly crafted, as each of Ben’s releases are, stunning and perfect to listen to regardless of mood. Whether emotional and longing for a loved one, or simply wanting an escape from the busy hustle and bustle of everyday life – ‘As One’ will give it to you.

“didn’t we lay till the day was done”

Listen to ‘As One’ below:

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