Ben Stafford - The Goose Rock EP

Northern Star Ben Stafford has excelled once again. The release of ‘The Goose Rock EP’ arrived at just the right time. Life has changed, we’ve all had to adapt and whether we’ve been able to see our loved ones or not, while listening to the EP you will be fondly reminded of those moments you wish had lasted forever.

Opening with ‘Never Letting Go’, we are given a taste of romance that we’ve all been craving ‘lay through the night with my heart in your hand’. Ben’s passion echoes abundantly through his gentle vocals, so much so I felt goosebumps when listening. I can’t help but believe he is being entirely honest when he sings ‘I’m never letting go’ and I hope he doesn’t.

The second track, ‘Summer Rain’ quickly turns into the third ‘May’. While lasting seven minutes, it’s truly a masterpiece. It’s a contrast to the previous tracks we’ve heard, the introduction to a new instrument has provided a more upbeat sound. But still, one that sticks with Ben’s signature style.

Then we hear the final track ‘Rose’ which rounds the EP off with such a beautiful ending.

Each word, instrument, and song has been so well crafted. Ben Stafford is incredibly talented, I struggle to find words to fathom how fantastic I think his artistry truly is. The imagery created with his words is so vivid, I can't help but feel like I am in the moment with him.

Watch out for Ben Stafford, I see a very exciting future for this Lancashire artist.

Listen to ‘The Goose Rock EP’ here:

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