Bermudas burst out with rocky delight ‘White Lies’

Yorkshire’s rising quartet Bermudas drop an energetic slice of indie-rock in the form of latest release ‘White Lies’.

Comprising of Lewis Burrow (vocals and guitar), Lukas Sykes (Bass and backing vocals), Taylor Johnson (lead guitar and backing vocals) and Matty Baker (drums) the band formed during their time at college and ever since have gone from strength to strength.

From their first gig to their headline show in Leeds, Bermudas haven’t stopped. Having previously home-recorded EP ‘Youth’, the boys then went onto entering the Leeds Battle of The Bands competition and won their dream of a recording session at Eiger Studios Leeds and recorded ‘White Lies’.

Heavily inspired by Oasis, AC/DC and The All-American Rejects, ‘White Lies’ contains everything that will get you dancing like a maniac at their next gig – (15th January!) rocky riffs, striking vocals and an overall upbeat energetic feel to their music. Written from the perspective of someone else, the lyrics depict a womaniser – “saying things you wanna hear till you never see them again”.

“even if I sold my soul, you know the game remains the same”

“tell me you need me and I’ll do exactly what you want me to”


The future is bright for Bermudas and I eagerly await to see what comes next.

Give 'White Lies' a listen below:

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