Black Bear Kiss - Reach Up Higher

The M Word loves Black Bear Kiss! They were put on my radar when I was sent some of their previous singles, ‘I Wanna Know’ and ‘Hooks’. The indie-rock quintet hail from the West Midlands and have a sound that infuses several musical styles spanning genres from grunge to funk.

Since forming in 2016, Black Bear Kiss has consistently evolved – from countless popular singles to performances all over the nation, which have given them a name in the UK and also internationally.

‘Reach Up Higher’ is their brand new single, fresh out of the studio, and just ready to be played everywhere. Radio stations, gigs you name it! Oh wait, it’s already caught the attention of BBC Introducing and is their ‘big thing’ and ‘indie tune of the week’.

Still keeping their trademark sound – it’s upbeat, gritty, rocky, and full of energy. The track continues to shine a light on the things that people can play oblivious to, the dominance of mainstream media and it’s influence on people.

Lead singer Chris Leech says “The song addresses some of the big issues, both home and abroad. The press and public figures in positions of power need to understand the influence they have – their opinions should not be treated as gospel.

‘Reach Up Higher’ is about trying to do better and not believing everything you read, especially on social media.”

I could not agree more with this!

There are many stand out parts of this track, but I absolutely love the mind-blowing guitar riffs and Chris’s vocals. I’d love to be in the audience when this is first played live, hopefully, I will be!

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