‘Blessed Through The TV’ latest single by upcoming Art-Gaze trio Cat Ryan

I’m ashamed to say I’m way behind everyone else, this glorious single came out on June 30th and I’ve only just heard it!

Let me introduce to you, Newcastle based Cat Ryan. No, it’s not a person, it’s a trio including Simon Tarbox, Lucas Rothwell, and Mary-Anne Murphy and their music has gone down a storm right since first release ‘Sway’ back in 2019.

For fans of Wolf Alice, Japanese House, and Vampire Weekend.

Earlier in the year, the band released ‘Mannerism’ which truly thrust Cat Ryan into the spotlight. With their music receiving attention from numerous BBC radio stations and large music magazines, it’s unsurprising to say that ‘Blessed Through The TV’ has been met with an epic response as well.

Mary-Anne explains: “Lyrically the song is packed with metaphors exploring this whilst referring to the original inspiration: being sent an angel figurine (the one that features on the single artwork) from my aunt.”

She continues, “The Pope had done a mass blessing through the television, telling people to hold items up to the tv to be blessed. It didn’t quite make sense to me; it was almost a half-hearted blessing, and this sparked the ideas behind the song”.

I’ve never heard anything quite like Cat Ryan and I can’t help but wonder why I haven’t listened to them sooner. ‘Blessed Through The TV’ holds a quirky, unique sound – driven by oriental instrumentation, the captivating vocals from Mary-Anne rise to the forefront and make me reminiscent of Wolf Alice’s lead singer Ellie.

With each listen you’ll love it more and more, it’s infectious, unique and will propel Cat Ryan further as rising stars of the North-East.

Catch me at the front of their next gig!

Give them some support, and listen to ‘Blessed Through The TV’ below:


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