Blondes - Coming Of Age

Nottingham five-piece Blondes unleash their latest uplifting release entitled ‘Coming Of Age’.

Following the path of many successful bands, Blondes met at the University of Nottingham. Comprising of Will (vocals), Dan (Lead Guitar), Alex (Rhythm Guitar), Tom (Bass), Mark (Guitar & Keys) and Matt (Drums), they broke out of the uni scene playing support slots and headlining gigs – and haven’t looked back since.

I don’t know about you, but I love finding new indie rock bands, so if you’re the same – Blondes should be your next obsession. They’re no strangers to writing heartfelt lyrics to upbeat and light-hearted songs with compelling riffs you’re guaranteed to rock out to.

Coming Of Age’ is no less of a certified banger, the track begins with a classic Blondes riff: irresistible, and leaving you excited to hear more. Which isn’t a surprise, the five-piece have had this song in the works for six years and have finally rewarded their fans with it. Within the first few minutes, we get the feeling of a relaxed, summery daze: jangly guitar riffs and Will’s gentle but captivating vocals flooding the song stir nostalgic feelings from happy times.

Blondes say: “the song is about a moment of belief in yourself, releasing you’re unstoppable in what you want to do. It’s all about that moment when you lock eyes with your bandmate at Glastonbury and you're like shit we're gonna do this one day, and what’s stopping us from doing it.”

Despite 2020 halting a lot of musical performances and standing in the way of bands, Blondes have produced and released two singles equally as memorable as the other 'Honey' and 'Coming Of Age'. I for one am excited for the lockdown to be over and see the boys take the world by storm, headlining all your favourite festivals.

So check out ‘Coming Of Age’ below and search ‘@blondesband’ on Instagram to follow for updates!

Photo credits to Taking The Pixels

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