Cactii deliver infectious chilled vibes in ‘Sunrise’

Childhood friends and lovers of creating music, Max and Nick lost touch over the years. Living separate lives in different towns all it took was one phone call from Nick, and the pair started to do what they do best: create. After jamming, writing, and composing whenever they could they later formed a band - CACTII.

Featuring panpipes, synths, and other effects the duo has created an atmospheric, thought-provoking song which would be perfect for watching the sunset.

Picture the scene: you have just reached the viewpoint of your early morning hill walk, the week you have had has been awful and you just want some peace. You sit down quietly, staring at the sunrise in amazement and want a song to accompany this glorious feeling you're overcome with, you select ‘Sunrise’ by Cactii and know that you have never felt more euphoric.

Check ‘Sunrise’ out below and let us know what you think!

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