CALM – Is There Anybody Out There / Something’s Changing

Our favourite London quintet, CALM have presented their fans with a double release, written and produced in lockdown. Inspired by the ever-changing situation going on around us, the tracks are titled ‘Is There Anybody Out There?’ and ‘Something’s Changing’.

The first track, ‘Is There Anybody Out There?’ whilst reflecting on the feelings of isolation, is also a message of hope, questioning whether we will make positive changes to the way we live our lives due to this unprecedented event.

The second song, ‘Something’s Changing’ whilst sounding more upbeat and positive, touches more on how life has and will have changed for the better or worse, during and post pandemic.

With a sound you could liken to the Blossoms; this astounding double release will make you fall in love all over again with CALM.

Give it a listen below:

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