Candid unveil new outspoken single Number Games

Trying to break the music industry is one of the hardest things an artist will do in their career and even more so in the current pandemic. In Candid's latest release, 'Numbers Game' they echo this message and explore the idea of just being another number and being disregarded in the music world.

“surrounded by numbers just to prove your worth”

Regardless of what obstacles have been thrown in their way, Candid has gone from strength to strength. Filling numerous impressive festival slots and support slots alongside some big names, such as Scouting for Girls and the Pale White.

'Numbers Game' is rockier than their previous releases and possesses an infectious chorus that demands all of our attention. The lyricism is clever and the vocals are stellar. Latimer is unafraid to be unapologetically honest and highlight some of the falsehoods of the music industry but points no fingers.

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