Cat Ryan - Mary Shelley Song

Newcastle upon Tyne-based Cat Ryan is an indie/art-rock trio who, since their debut in 2017, has released a handful of tracks: the most recent of these being Mary Shelley Song.

Having gained support from recognised music blogs such as When The Horn Blows and Little Indie Blogs, as well as play on BBC Radio 6 for their previous singles, and being signed to Pillar Artists, Cat Ryan are in a position to gain significant recognition for their distinct sound.

Mary Shelley Song has such a different vibe to their previous single, Blessed Through the TV, and this ability to experiment and switch between genres, whilst still being authentic and recognisable, sets the band in good stead for future releases; a range of influences and sounds engages a wider audience, and there’s bound to be something for everyone.

On the track, vocalist Mary-Anne says: “it’s a very unique song and, despite the title, it’s only the first verse that’s about Mary Shelley. It was funny because it doesn’t fully make sense, but that’s sort of the theme of the song: it kind of makes sense to us, but other people will probably wonder how the lyrics were created and what they’re supposed to be about.”

And the band have very much succeeded in making us wonder, I’ve listened to this song countless times and I’m just as confused as I was the first time around, but I bloody love it.

Give 'Mary Shelley Song' a listen here:

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