Chesterfield's favourites Alpaca Factory are back with greatly anticipated single 'You're Obsessed'

Let’s welcome back one of The M Word’s favourites, Alpaca Factory! Looking to add some sunshine in to your day, or in the need of a feel-good tune? Give their latest release, ‘You’re Obsessed’ a listen.

I said this in my previous review, but with each release they remind me more and more of a young Arctic Monkeys. They’ve just began to pave their path into the music industry, and I hope for one that it never ends.

They just keep getting bigger and better – their endless energy, passion for their music and the way they can effortlessly create a tune which deserves wide recognition.

Released just under a week ago, ‘You’re Obsessed’ has already gained the attention of BBC Introducing for East Midlands and hit over one thousand streams on Spotify! From the ‘hello?’ at the beginning to the ever-increasing energy of all the band members – as more layers add to the madness, and then we’re hit with the psychedelic guitar – one of my favourite parts of the song!

Then later transitioning into the outro with a calming instrumental which finishes the song off nicely. It’s another well-thought and crafted, stellar Alpaca Factory release and you should give it a listen below!

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