Chicago boys The North & Wells Band release funky new single ‘Issa Vibe’

Happy Sunday! Not looking forward to Monday? Well, I’ve got a tune for you that will have you bopping into next week with a grin on your face. Forget walking into meetings with a frown on your face, ‘Issa Vibe’ will have you walking with a spring in your step and feeling like you can tackle any shit that’s thrown at you.

Refusing to fit into a genre box, ‘Issa Vibe’ is a fusion of soul, hip hop, and disco. I love how it’s really well produced and crafted, you can tell each member of the band brings something different to the table, they master their craft to the best then they come together and now we’ve got a disco sensation to feature prominently in our playlists.

Beginning with smooth electric guitar and bass, we are then immersed into a stream of funky instrumentals and harmonization. But the bit that really stood out for me in this song, comes next – lead vocalist Gideon’s hip hop solo. It’s fantastic! When we reach this point we really realise what the song is actually about, finding your woman and keeping holding her tight – no games just making sure you’re both happy. ‘Issa Vibe’ then comes to a close after a funky guitar solo from Jake.

Give it a listen here:

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