Cold Lips - Jellyfish Drink

Cold Lips, the south Devon based indie-rock band have caused a riptide in the young music scene. The four-piece formed in 2019 and comprises of Billy Twamley (guitar, vocals), Finn Lloyd (guitar, vocals), Eshyn Teare (bass guitar, vocals) and Jack Bayles (drums, vocals).

Despite their infancy as a band, Cold Lips has played an impressive number of gigs, beginning with their first full set with a handful of covers and originals at the legendary Cavern Club in Exeter. This has meant they have created a palpable buzz down south and an ever-growing fan base which increases with every release.

2020 has stumped many musicians, but the boys have released three singles so far this year already! The first being, 'These People' back in March, to 'Only Rain' and now their latest release 'Jellyfish Drink'. They certainly have been busy!

And now they are back and better than ever before! Following the release of 'Only Rain' with a melancholic tone, Cold Lips are breaking open a new chapter and have experimented with a funky sound in 'Jellyfish Drink' which has worked in their favour. A fine tribute to the golden age of the '60s, it will get you grooving - or toe-tapping at the very least. From the exhilarating guitar riffs that fill the sky to the catchy chorus – they certainly know how to keep an audience’s attention. Confident, young, and full of potential – Cold Lips are a band you should keep your eye on.

Have a listen to 'Jellyfish Drink' below:

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