Dancing on Tables - Losing It

Their band name describes what I want to do when I listen to their music; Dancing on Tables are back with another stellar release entitled ‘Losing It’. Rising from Dunfermline, the five-piece have blessed us with a pop-rock, chart-worthy hit that takes our heart and places it in their hands. Going from being best friends in school to gaining two million streams on Spotify, the Scottish lads are taking the world by storm.

Now, in the current ever-changing time with loved ones spending so long apart, the lyrics “me losing you has got me, got me losing it” has taken a whole new meaning. Unable to film a traditional music video, DOT came up with the idea of asking fans to send in home footage of themselves listening to the song in their own lockdown environments. The result was truly something special. The video is as close as you can get to recreating a sense of unity and community felt as part of a big crowd, as fans sang the words at the same time.

Although we can't all be with our loved ones, DOT want their fans to know that even though we are all “Losing it” in lockdown, we are all in this together.

Check the video out below on Youtube!


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