Deco - Debut EP 'Real Life' available now!

Ever rising synth-pop duo Deco are back with debut EP release ‘Real Life’ available for streaming now!

Nottingham’s music scene has provided us with many incredible musicians, so it’s no surprise Deco hail from there also. 2019 was a year of lengthy successes for the duo; featuring on two of Spotify’s most popular playlists, ‘Fresh Finds’ and ‘New Pop UK’ to playing busy festivals such as Truck Festival and Y Not. Despite their great successes, the boys didn’t stop there, they’ve worked hard and are back with a brand-new release.

‘Real Life’ as an EP follows in the footsteps of their latest single release, inspired by an amalgamation of all the bands the duo has grown up listening to ranging from George Michael to Duran Duran. It blurs the lines between 80’s synth-pop and the new wave sound exploding right now. Full of groovy, upbeat synthesised pop melodies, ’Real Life’ will have you dancing around your kitchen whilst cooking your breakfast, or simply melt all your troubles away.

Due to the world being in a different place from what it was when Real Life was recorded, Deco have decided to give all the EP’s iTunes profits to UK charity Homeless Link.

When asked about the lead single Real Life, Max said that “Real Life is a refreshing realisation of how, despite our dependence on modern technology, experiencing something in real life really cannot be recreated or competed with. In this case, the song speaks about how the simplicity of meeting someone in real life comes without all of the complications and games of so-called ‘modern love’ on dating apps, and captures a feeling of hope that humans can still function in a natural way, without the digital aids we have become so reliant on.”

Give it a listen below, how could you not?

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