Docksuns - Dancing on the Radio

Feel like chilling out? Hunting for a song to take your mind off of life? Look no further. Rising from the North, Docksuns is back with a new release ‘Dancing on The Radio’ and a dream of playing Glastonbury in a Sunderland shirt. With their talent, I say it will be easily done.

The song immediately launches into an explosive start, with James’s raspy authentic vocals soon arriving, before we are introduced to a rousing anthemic chorus which is impossible not to get a crowd going. 'Dancing On The Radio' tells the story of an ex who became a famous pop star and forgot her roots. Although the band incidentally don’t deny or confirm the existence of the ex in question, I can’t help but be curious.

Big dreams and even bigger songs, the five-piece have the potential to be as big as everyone’s favourites, Viola Beach and The Blossoms.

So, give ‘Dancing On The Radio’ a listen below:

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