Don Coyote - Somebody

There’s something about Don Coyote’s sound and personalities that weave together, in turn, creating the most uplifting feel-good tunes that have left them contending as a place for ‘Best Indie Stars of The North’. (That’s right, I’ve just made an award out of thin air – it’s that good!)

Released on Valentine's Day, ‘Somebody’ can be construed as a present to their devoted fans, a reminder that we're not alone. Despite the lyrics being highly relatable at this current time-period, fear not, it is not a gloomy tune! ‘Somebody’ will have you dancing around your kitchen, soundtrack your morning coffee, and then your drive to work. It’ll be on repeat throughout your day!

Still maintaining their signature high-spirited guitar rhythms and authentic vocals from lead singer Sam, ‘Somebody’ introduces the infusion of jazzy vibes. I love it!

“when life’s not going quite to plan / just think of someone who you think is rad.”

Check it out here:

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