EP Review: Everyday Pharaohs - The Seasons Are Creeping Up On Me

There’s so much new music to discover at the moment, with the unpredictable world situation we’re currently all immersed in it’s no wonder artists are finding new sources of creativity.

Many epic bands hail from Scotland; Biffy Clyro, Orange Juice, Retro Video Club and of course The Snuts. The list could go on! Now, we can add Everyday Pharaohs to the list of bands that should go down in history amongst the greats and I don’t say that lightly!

Since forming in 2015, Everyday Pharaohs have self-produced and recorded two EP’s before this one! They’ve spent the past three years performing around Glasgow, moulding their own sound and in turn making a name for themselves on the Scottish music scene.

I’d never listened to them before I must admit, but there’s a whole in my playlist that will be filled by their new five-track EP ‘The Seasons Are Creeping up on me’.

Opening with everyone’s favourite fruit, first track ‘Grapefruit’ has a garage rock vibe to it, a sound which will make you reminiscent of Greenday.

Second track ‘Pepsi Smash 2006’ is where their accents become more obvious to the listener and I love it!

Then we’re introduced to the third track, ‘Years & Years & Years’, mixing up the sound that we’ve heard so far on the EP, this track mixes-up tempo with heart-wrenching lyrics, ‘there’s nothing left to do but sink’ / ‘I haven’t been happy for years and years and years’.

The fourth track, ‘Grandma Sweater’ is rather cheery in contrast to ‘Years & Years & Years’. Introducing a more pop-punk sound, one that could be anything between Arctic Monkeys or My Chemical Romance. (Both excellent bands!) The rhythm throughout the song is upbeat and energetic, one which you could certainly dance like a maniac too. It’s worth mentioning that every track on this EP is crafted to perfection and very well produced.

Ending track, ‘Sarah, We’re Sinking!’ opens with weird delay effect which I have to say made me jump out of my skin. But, the song then emerges into an energetic guitar part and then the vocals. Flying into the second verse, the song keeps building until we reach another chorus where Halket’s distinctive drawl is paired with some far-off vocals. ‘Sarah, We’re Sinking!’ rounds the EP off perfectly.

‘The Seasons Are Creeping Up On Me’ showcases Everyday Pharaohs talent in it’s entirety. With a future in the music industry far ahead of them, give the EP a listen here:


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