EP Review: Jonny Ash 'Blurry Vision'

You know that feeling at a festival, the sun is shining, the last bestie at your party has finally turned up after a mishap journey, you’ve had a little of whatever it is that always makes you happy, and you are walking toward the stage. The wind in the air is distorting the sound of that guitar in the distance, and you just never, ever, want the moment to end. That’s the exact vibe I picked up from the strains of Eclipse, the first track from Jonny Ash’s debut EP Blurry Vision.

These Jonny Ash guys are from Wrexham. As a Welshman myself, it is tempting for me to big up my countrymen, but the music speaks for itself. Eclipse is the standout tune of the Jonny Ash EP for me. There is a feel for the urgent but yet languid trippy style of the likes of Primal Scream or the Stone Roses on this track. It feels like Jonny Ash could play this stuff all night, and if they did, I’d be wonderfully happy.

The other tracks on the EP are also top-notch; the band (Callum Gaughran – vocals and rhythm guitar, Peter Roberts, lead guitar, Phillip Marsh – bass, and Mike Jones on Drums) prove they are ones to watch with this release. On tracks like Rosies, it’s the fancy guitar work that really strikes me. I get a very tasty throwback to the heritage of the likes of the Stones and Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac.

Brother has something of an Oasis feel, but don’t be mistaken for thinking it’s a simple copy like so many others. If I dare continue with the Oasis analogy, it’s like Gary Moore from Thin Lizzy has joined them, and that vocal on this track is simply begging to be shouted back to the boys when they finally hit the stage. MDMA has a real urgent menace to it, and again with a beat ready-made for the festival.

Jonny Ash has only been perfectly formed with this line up from early 2020, so there is so much yet in the tank for this band. Look out for it, but in the meantime get ready by putting the Blurry Vision EP on repeat:


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