Exclusive: Getting to know The Sherlocks

In today's getting to know, I spoke to Yorkshire lads: The Sherlocks about all things music. We spoke about their eagerly anticipated third album, inspirations, and their favourite tipple!

Since forming in 2010 in Sheffield, The Sherlocks have taken the world by storm. They became the first unsigned band since The Arctic Monkeys to sell out the city’s iconic Leadmill venue. Now, many releases, millions of streams, radio play and festivals later, they are here talking to The M Word about their third album and the future of The Sherlocks.

Hi guys! I’m a big fan, how are you all today?

Yea we are all good thank you, writing new music and recording by some tunes! It’s nice to be able to get in a practice room and get creative!

I'm sure!

What’s the story behind The Sherlocks?

The story hasn’t been written yet, we are just getting started!

I love that!

I heard the snippet you posted on your Instagram with a preview to your new album – I can’t wait! You must all be so excited for it to finally be out?

Yeah we are sat on so much new music! It’s going to be so good when we can finally release something into the world. It’s the best album we’ve ever made so it’s mega exciting! Honestly wait till you hear it, it’s a complete album.

I can’t wait!

Could you give us a little hint at what we can expect? Do the Sherlocks go on a different journey with the sounds of this album?

Some kind of new music will be here in 2020, but 2021 will be the new album. It’s like album 1 but with more of an edge pumped up on steroids! Proper tunes. There are definitely different sounds on this album that you wouldn’t expect, but as it’s our third we are allowed to push the boat out.

What was the writing and recording process for this album like? Did you face any difficulties being creative in lockdown?

Kiaran writes the tunes on his acoustic and demos then to some extent on GarageBand. The only difficulties were the obvious one of not being able to get together. But we did get straight down to Wales when the first lockdown got lifted. We spent 3 wild weeks down there! We were brushing our teeth with port!

Oh wow, it sounds like many stories were made there!

Are there any artists you’ve been inspired by for this album particularly?

There are so many factors that inspired this album. For one Dave Eringa the producer, brought hell of a lot to the table, not just musically but living with him was a pleasure. We had such a blast with him, such a good laugh. And musically he is a GOD!

When it came to guitar tones and drum sounds, other factors would be as we consumed a lot of alcohol (port and wine) on this album, this definitely influenced us!

Band wise we were listening to The Killers, John Lennon, The Strokes, Charlatans, Rolling Stones and some of The Who’s old tunes. We listen to everything in the studio especially in the early hours, we had A Guy Called Gerald on one night!

I adore The Strokes, The Killers and Rolling Stones. I’ll definitely be checking out The Charlatans!

Can you tell us when the album will be out? Or do we need to wait eagerly for the announcement?

2021 is the plan.

You’re all Yorkshire lads – what’s your favourite tipple?

Give us some Yorkshire Gold Tea & some Brewdog Elvis juice and we are happy!!

All very good choices!

I saw you live at Neighbourhood last year, was right at the front! The atmosphere was insane, what’s been your favourite venue to play live?

Loved that one! It was nice that everyone turned up in the middle of the day and came down to the academy to see us. Best venue in Manchester would have to be Victoria warehouse, that night will never leave us. Unreal! Maybe we will have to do another Victoria warehouse in future when things get going!

Count me in if you do!

What’s the future look like for the Sherlocks?

It’s looking super bright! Exciting times, we are sat on the best album we’ve ever produced, and we genuinely are so excited for all of our fans to hear it! Gonna tour the world when we can!

Thank you so much for your time guys! I can’t wait to hear your new album.

But, as we eagerly await, give The Sherlocks a listen here:


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