Feature: Ellis Berry - ‘Our Story’, ‘New Friend’ and ‘The Way We Used To’

Southport-based singer-songwriter Ellis Berry creates music that spans over a fusion of genres from folk to hip-hop, pop, and thought-provoking heart on your sleeve songs which will make you tear up.

2020 has seen the creation and craft of Ellis's first EP 'Cabin Fever' referencing the COVID-19 lockdown period, which will be released later this year. We’re lucky, he has even given us a sneaky preview of what's to come with his first two singles ‘Our Story’ and ‘New Friend’ which gained significant positive feedback and even radio play on BBC Radio Solent Introducing.

The final single of the EP ‘The Way We Used To’ came out on October 30th and showcases a slower side to his previous releases. I could imagine this being played in the background of a romantic scene in a film, hopefully, one day it will be!

A standout part of this song to me is the chorus and this line:

“We don’t speak as much as we should

but when we do, we ignite again”

As we eagerly await ‘Cabin Fever’ give all three tunes a listen here:


And look forward to the second EP arriving early next year!

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