Feature: Tom Hall releases synth whirlwind single ‘Axis Of Distraction’

2020 has been a significant year in the making of Tom Hall, after a lengthy, introverted writing process for My Big Album, January saw him launch new venture Year of Glad, an independent label and arts collective folding in other prolific Derby creatives, and set about on the journey to release an ambitious double 12” record.

And now he’s here with single ‘Axis of Distraction’ the latest single from the album’s second disc.

Tom describes the track as “a serious-but-fun lament at our conflicted relationship with the online world.”

“Musically, it’s my take on the pop immediacy of Out Of Touch by Hall & Oates. In the midst of playing a lot more introspective piano and guitar-driven songs, I wanted to reach for something that commanded the kind of presence that only a pop song getting straight to the point could.”

Available on all major streaming platform’s from September 18th, give ‘Axis of Distraction’ a listen here: https://open.spotify.com/track/5rXg7b35HFGS7m5lAAtiNI?si=0oRRsUlIS2uLSO94qvLRZw

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