Filler deliver a slice of indie-rock goodness in summer anthem ‘Pocket Change’

Bounding onto the scene in 2018, Filler is a lively indie-rock band from Cleveland, Ohio. Consisting of musicians: William Ridzon (guitar), Cameron Morris (vocals), Joe Greenfield (bass) and Auden Stevensen (drums). On July 3rd, just in time for summer, they released new single ‘Pocket Change’.

Perfect for listening on a hot day, or at the very least, have you picturing palm trees and a hot sandy beach, ‘Pocket Change’ is an undeniably feel-good summer anthem that should be on everyone’s playlist.

Showcasing their indie-rock sound through its dance-along bassline and soaring vocal melodies, Pocket Change has cemented Filler as rising stars in Cleveland and hopefully internationally.

Although still keeping their signature catchy guitar licks and a tight rhythm section, the experimentation into adding horns into this release has worked in their favour and allowed them to produce a stand-out song which differentiates this release from their older music.

Since first appearing on the Highschool Rock-Off back in 2018, Filler has been buzzing around the Cleveland music scene ever since. I can’t say I’m surprised at this, I’d love to see them live if I could!

Having played over 25 events at various Cleveland venues with their high-energy crowd-packed shows, including Edgewater Live and The Odeon, it’s no wonder their next release “Piece of You” instantly gained the attention of the masses. Accumulating over 30,000 streams in just the first two months of their release!

So don’t be late to the party, give ‘Pocket Change’ a listen below:

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