Flechettes - Man of the Hour

In the crowded room of indie music it takes quite something to stand out, but those Wigan Flechette lads (Jack Heaton, Nicholas Kitts, Johnny Raper and William Watts) just have to shake a leg and we all very happily pay attention. Flechettes are one of those bands that are just going to get so much bigger in the months to come. One little tip with this band is not to do as I just did and accidently transpose the first l and the e in the band’s name. Who knew that a simple one letter swap offers such an entirely different context?

I think I particularly like The Flechettes habit to surprise and that they consistently overdeliver helps. As well as a banging mosh anthem Man of The Hour being released, there’s also a very tasty ballad Solitude to fall in love with. Both tracks just display the span of interest and the talent of these guys.

Man of the Hour is the bands third single and despite its bold confident title, it’s rather about feeling young and insignificant in a busy world, where image is all, and where we feel we need to act in a particular way. If we move beyond the lyrics, there’s some killer guitar on this track and once again with this band, I rather vibe into a Julian Cope Teardrop Explodes feel with those silky, expressive vocals, and the pace and tone of the band. That’s really no bad place to be. I particularly like the edgy and fresh feel to this track, it really does give indie a new feel.

I go through weeks of preferencing musical styles, and at the moment I’m in a quiet reflective phase, so actually of the two tracks I love Solitude. Again that guitar really stands out once you force your ears to move beyond the silky flow of those vocals. I’m into sweet, and Solitude hits the spot.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting insanely excited about the prospect of live music. The Flechettes are playing Made in Manchester in Bolton on 26 June, and then in October, there’s Manchester Off The Square on the 2nd , Liverpool’s EBGB’s on the 8th, and Leeds Lending Rooms on the 9th. Go for it.

Check out 'Man of the Hour' here: https://open.spotify.com/album/4UZN5zrGjhN9vrKVpoPoYv?si=1UFim_6fTIeq8ttdozHcDw

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