Fresh new Manchester band SHADE release striking single 'Head in the Clouds'

Brand new and exciting, the Manchester alt-rock quartet that everyone should be talking about: SHADE have just released their new single ‘Head In The Clouds’.

With an extensive number of bands originating from one of the biggest creative hubs in the UK, it can be hard to make your music stand out.

But from their very first release, earlier this year titled ‘Neverdie’ SHADE has exploded onto the Manchester music scene with a bang. Attracting attention from numerous prestigious radio stations and gaining over thirty-six thousand Spotify streams for their very first single, the future is very bright for this band.

Now, this release brought the signing of Fear Records and production of legend Gavin Monaghan (Sherlocks, Binders, Paolo Nutini) at Magic Garden Studios.

Incorporating an overall distinctive Manchester sound, which will make you reminiscent of Oasis – ‘Head in the Clouds’ is an energetic burst of rock, featuring soaring guitars and authentic vocals which come together to make the anthem of the year.

Check it out below:

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