Furrowed Brow - Dead Dead Dead Still Digging

Rising from Manchester, a city with a popular ever-progressing music scene it can be difficult for a band to make a name for themselves. But thankfully, Furrowed Brow has not had this issue. Stampeding onto the scene with the release of five-track EP 'Dead Dead Dead Still Digging' they aren't afraid to tell it how it is, whilst embracing a sardonic smile.

Full of robust pop-punk melodies and spiky guitar, the EP highlights the five-pieces unique sound in all its glory.

The tracklist:

  • Dead Dead Dead Still Digging

  • That’s why I’m a Ponce

  • My Bone Idol

  • Killed Myself and the Kids

  • Cold As Hell

Coming in at 16 minutes and 17 seconds, the EP will give you the chance to discover whether Furrowed Brow is your cup of tea. During this time the band tackle a vast variety of subject matter, 'My Bone Idol' tells the story of wannabe rockstars, to 'Killed Myself and The Kids' featuring suicide in the form of a strangely upbeat tune. My favourite set of lyrics has to be: 'Money is wasted on the rich, they’d force Da Vinci to work at Wetherspoons’.

Listen to 'Dead Dead Dead Still Digging below':


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