George Hughes - Will I Ever Love Again?

On first listen to George Hughes, I was completely in awe. Feeling bored in lockdown George remembered a song from an old GCSE music project he’d previously discarded but decided to work on it again, and now we are presented with his leading single ‘Will I Ever Love Again?’.

Asking a big question I’m sure we’ve all asked ourselves after a painful breakup, in the form of his latest release George has shrugged off his infancy as an artist and created a single which will leave you spell bounded.

Crafted to perfection, we are presented with an incredible indie-folk release that would make Ben Howard weak at the knees. You’ll have no option to immerse yourself in the song and listen as George pleads ‘please forgive me, I’m not sure, I’ve never felt this way about you before’. Whilst he is only just beginning his musical career at the age of sixteen (yes you heard me correctly!) George’s vocals have a natural warmth which I believe will make him an incredible live act.

And if you loved ‘Will I Ever Love Again?’ you’ll be pleased to hear his single also features a second release, ‘Here Ain’t Where I Belong’.

It’s not often you get the chance to follow a musician’s journey from the get-go, but with such a reception for his current releases, the future will be full of opportunities for George.

So, give him a listen below:

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