Getting to know: Brunchbox

In today’s getting to know, I spoke to Brunchbox. A small band with big dreams and even bigger tunes, we discussed music, their eagerly anticipated single ‘Dreaming’ out on the 27th November and University.

Hey guys! How are you today?

Hey! We are great thanks, really excited about the next few weeks of BrunchBox news.

That’s great!

So, introduce yourselves as a band, who are BrunchBox? What is the story behind your name?

BrunchBox is Andrew (Guitar, Vocals & Production), Gabriel (Drums & Production) and Joe (Bass & Visuals)

Gabriel: We were just brainstorming names a few years ago, Joe said Lunchbox but it was taken, so BrunchBox was born and even though we all thought it was stupid it somehow stuck.

I love the name, it’s definitely unique!

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard your music before? Would you say it fits under a genre?

Andrew: I’d say we’re closest to Indie Pop, but we take influences from all over the place. We’re definitely not afraid to go a bit mad, maybe even shout on a track…

That’s the best way to be! No one wants to fit into a box. If you’ve got different ideas, show em off!

So, your brand-new single comes out very soon, ‘Dreaming’ you must be so excited! Could you tell me a bit about the writing and recording process?

Andrew: We’re buzzing! So, Dreaming was essentially written over a 3-year period, in fact most of the bass track on it is genuinely from 2017. After I stripped back the old demo to just the bass , Gabriel and I set to work in my little home studio rebuilding the track into what you hear today.

The track must have had about 10 different versions before we were finally happy. The finishing touch of mastering was then added by our boy Tom Gulliver.

I noticed you haven’t released any music for two years on Spotify, so ‘Dreaming’ has been a long time coming?

Andrew: Definitely, we all split off to different universities soon after that last single on spotify was released.

Gabriel: Yeah, we never really planned on getting back together and doing anything, but then lockdown happened and now here we are.

Well, despite lockdown being horrid, I’m glad it meant you could create more music!

Is there a story behind ‘Dreaming’?

Andrew: Dreaming is simply about feeling things about someone and not knowing what they really feel back. Sometimes you see everything with rose tinted glasses to begin with and then the feelings fade on one side, then you’re just left taking glimmers of hope from the slightest show of affection…

I’m lucky enough to have had a listen before the release date and I love it. I’d say it’s a different sound to your previous two singles ‘Ocean’ and Skyline. Has lockdown inspired different creative ideas for your music?

Andrew: I think lockdown really allowed us to explore every musical avenue we wanted. We had so much time on our hands it didn’t really matter if we spent a whole day just trying to get a drum part to fit or a synth to sound right.

Gabriel: There’s definitely more depth in the songs sonically just because of the time we had. Joe: Still, Dreaming is a song we’ve had since 2017 so overall the concept of the track is the same, we’ve just matured ourselves and hopefully it sounds like it.

It definitely does!

Who would be your dream collaboration?

Andrew: It has to be someone that would just completely change our sound.

Gabriel: Something like Mura Masa ft. BrunchBox/BrunchBox ft. Slowthai would be crazy.

Joe: BBox remixed by Kaytranada.

Oooh I like the sound of all of those! Especially Mura Masa and Slow Thai! I think you should get messaging them and arrange it!

Top five favourite songs at the moment?

Andrew: We’re gonna have to give you six to be democratic, I’ll go for Phoebe Bridgers’ cover of ‘Iris’ by the Goo Goo Dolls and ‘Tondoho Mba’ by Eko Roosevelt

I love Iris, I’ll have to give Phoebe’s cover a listen!

Gabriel: ‘Yesterday’ by Loyle Carner and ‘Touche Amore’ by A Forecast

Joe: ‘Everyday’ by Weyes Blood is such a tune and ‘Can We’ by Jim-e Stack

All good choices boys!

So you’re all at University, where are you and what are you studying?

Andrew: Electronic Engineering with Music Technology Systems in York, it’s not that boring promise.

Joe: Computer Science but every day devastated I didn’t choose graphic design…

Oh no!

Gabriel: Liverpool, Civil Engineering I guess

I won’t lie, they’d all confuse the hell out of me, that's why I stuck to English. But they sound very interesting!

What does the future bring for Brunch Box?

Andrew: Better and better music, hopefully a proper go at being a big boy band.

Joe: Aiming for Brockhampton 2017 levels of outputting banger after banger.

Gabriel: Hopefully, us getting back together at some point and making as much music as possible.

I’m liking the sound of all of these boys! Thank you so much for your time BrunchBox!

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Mark your calendars! Tune into the M Word Radio Show over on Indie Rocks, to hear a premiere of BrunchBox’s new tune ‘Dreaming’ on the 23rd November.

I’m very excited to play it to you all!

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