Getting to know: Courting

In today’s getting to know, I spoke to Sean the vocalist for scouse quartet Courting. We discussed their latest release ‘Popshop!’, their upcoming debut EP ‘Grand National’, featuring on Soccer AM and much more.

Hey Courting! How are you all today?

We’re spectacular!

That’s great to hear.

Introduce yourselves, who are you and what do you do in Courting?

This is Sean, I do the vocals and the cowbell.

Hi Sean!

Your latest single ‘Popshop’ has been met with such an epic response, can I ask what the inspiration was behind the single?

Popshop! is a non-judgemental look at the idea of selling out and consumerism in art. The idea that (so long as your hearts are still in it) it can be absolutely positive to make music that appeals to a mainstream audience. Also, about the idea of art as a consumable product. Selling bathwater and unironic branded energy drinks.

I saw that ‘Popshop!’ was featured on Soccer AM the other day, and I have to say I’m not surprised! How happy were you when you found out?

Our music has finally found it’s true audience.

If you could all collab with anyone, who would it be and why?

SOPHIE - because I can’t help but feel like the product would be a lot of fun.

I can’t wait to hear your debut EP “Grand National” in April, can you give us a clue what to expect? Does this EP take you down a different musical road compared to other releases?

I feel like it’s cliche to suggest that your upcoming material is both better and a departure from your previous work, but it really is in this situation. I’d say it feels like an exploration of where we’re going and a mission statement. It covers everything from the aspects of pop we’ve been working with and then detours into autotune solos, agogo solos and violin samples.

I can’t wait to hear it!

The pandemic has affected the music scene greatly, what do you think it will look like by the end of this year?

Hopefully a lot better.

Let’s pray for that!

Favourite programme on Netflix at the moment?

Not on netflix but i’ve just binged 3 seasons of twin peaks.

Oooh! I'll have to give that a watch!

Any artists you’ve discovered during Lockdown that deserve a shout out?

We’ve spent a 3rd of our artistic lifetime in lockdown so a lot of our friends in bands have became our friends throughout this shitty period. There are too many to name with the fear that I’ll forget someone. Me and the other Sean discovered 100gecs at the start of last march.

Best song about at the moment?

My favourite song i’ve found recently is probably gosh by Jamie XX

Good choice! I love Jamie XX

What’s the chances of The M Word getting a backstage pass to your next gig? Has to be asked!

Absolutely if we ever actually have a backstage!

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions boys, anything you’ve forgotten to mention?

Grand National is out April 9th - Preorder it so that I don’t have to remortgage the house that I haven’t mortgaged yet.

Hear that? Do what the man says!

Have a listen to everything Courting here:

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