Getting to know: Dutch Criminal Record

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I had the pleasure of Getting to Know Dutch Criminal Record, read below to find out about life changing songs, latest single 'Feel Good', favourite programmes on Netflix and much more!

Hey guys! How are you all today?

We’re good thanks, how are you?

I’m very well thankyou!

Give it a little background to the band, how did you all meet? What’s the story behind your name?

We all attended the same secondary school, though Joe Frampton (our drummer) was a couple years younger than us so he joined later. The name came from our then drummer (Alex) and an exciting football trip he had to Holland as a teenager. We’re not quite sure of the details but it’s a good tale.

What are your biggest inspirations, songs or artists that have changed your life?

We all naturally have some shared artists that inspired us when starting out like The Maccabees and Arctic Monkeys. Sam says that if he hadn’t heard Coldplay as a 12 year old he probably never would have picked up a guitar. Joe Frampton cites Her’s as a big influence personally.

Who would be your dream artist to collaborate with on a song or perform with live?

I mean there are so many artists that would be a dream to work with. Joe Frampton says either The Magic Gang of Haim would be fun to collaborate with. Production wise it would be cool to work with Rostam Batmanglij formerly of Vampire Weekend.

Sadly, your bassist Rio left Dutch Criminal Record, do you have any plans to find a new member or to stay as a three piece?

At the minute we’re happy just the three of us, not to say it won’t change in the future although we have a few friends who step in on bass for live duties but for now we are enjoying life as a trio.

Recently you released ‘Feel Good’ a feel-good indie-surf tune which could certainly sound track our summer. It’s reached way over 74 and a half thousand streams, are you happy with the response it’s been met with? Do you usually carry around the feel-good vibes like your song?

The response to Feel Good has been great. We were really chuffed for it to get on the Spotify editorial playlist Summer Indie and be premiered by Clash Magazine. We’re always genuinely pretty happy guys but when people enjoy our music it certainly makes us happier.

What’s the best thing you’ve watched on Netflix lately?

Joe F - “Always Sunny in Philadelphia, it’s a classic”

Sam - “I rewatched Children of Men for the first time in years which I enjoyed greatly. Also not Netflix but I saw Tenet the other day in the cinema which was great fun.”

Joe DS - “Lost on Amazon Prime (sorry Netflix)”

Due to COVID-19 you had to postpone your upcoming tour for the safety of yourselves and the band! But, there is a silver lining. You’ll be appearing at Golden Touch Festival next year! How excited are you all to get back to performing live?

We absolutely cannot wait to get back playing together, it’s been really weird not being able to for so long. Like you said Golden Touch should be a fun one!

You can check Dutch Criminal Record on Spotify:

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