Getting to know Juno: INTERVIEW

I caught up with Juno; the southern-based indie-pop band who have been taking the nation by storm and are quickly on the rise. I got to know a little bit about them and discussed their latest single ‘Everytime’.

Introduce yourselves as a band! How did you all meet and how long have you been playing music together for?

We are a four-piece indie-pop band from the South Coast, forming Juno in 2017 after meeting in secondary school and realising we all shared interest in the same kinda music. The band is comprised of Max Mullen (Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Ben Coles (Lead Guitar, Vocals), Ted Jessop (Drums) and Tom Greathead (Bass). Shortly after we started playing gigs in our hometown and Max and Ben started writing together, and pretty soon after that, we had enough tunes for a decent set.

What would you say has been your biggest band highlight so far?

Our biggest highlight has to be when we headlined the Boileroom in Guildford for a second time, to a sold-out crowd! We had a couple of songs out at the point so having a sort of home everyone was singing along to our songs and enjoying themselves was amazing.

Must be a really good feeling!

You guys have previously supported bands such as Bedroom/Boredom and Riscas, how did you find the experience of playing to crowds? Did you learn anything from them in terms of your own performances?

We were already fans of the bands, so it was great to meet and play with them. It’s always fun to play to lots of people - especially when there’s a good atmosphere and people are into a similar style of music. It’s great to play to a crowd as well cos it lets us refine our set and improve.

Your latest release ‘Everytime’ came out less than a week ago and has been met with an incredible reception. Can you tell us a bit about the song? Any messages or inspirations behind it? What was the writing and recording process like?

We were really excited to release Everytime as it has been in the works for some time and we’re extremely proud of it. It’s been in our live set for a while and it’s always a highlight to play.

I think that Everytime is about how sometimes it feels that moments in youth are put on a pedestal and small events like partying with friends or talking to someone you love can feel like everything at that moment, even though nothing out of the ordinary is actually happening. We tried to capture the tone of a romanticised youth in the tune.

Each instrument was recorded by us at home and then we went up to Liverpool to mix it with the Night Café’s producer Robert Whitely and the entire experience was really fun.

Oh wow! I love the Night Cafe!

How have you been staying creative musically in lockdown?

As we’ve found ourselves with much more time on our hands we’ve been experimenting with new ideas, especially with the inclusion of synths to add depth to our music. The 1975 and Declan McKenna have been particular influences for this as we love the interesting sound they manage to produce.

We’ve started practising again as we’re sounding better than ever so we’re extremely excited for the future when we can get gigging again.

What’s next for JUNO? Can we expect any new music to come our way? Any gigs planned when they are permitted?

We are planning on going up to Liverpool again soon to record a potential EP, so you should watch out for that coming soon. We’ve got a backlog of songs so we’re excited to get new music out.

I can’t wait to hear them!

We’re trying to line some gigs up when venues reopen but it’s hard because there’s lots of uncertainty around when we’ll be able to play so it’s all up in the air. But we’re looking forward to starting gigging again though.

Thank you, Juno, for taking the time to answer my questions! Stay safe!

Give Juno a listen below on Spotify:

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