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In today’s getting to know, I caught up with Connor O’Mara, frontman of our favourite indie-rock band Luna Bay. We discussed music, reaching one million streams on ‘Call The Night’ (wow!), favourite tipples and what the future holds for the band! All the important things we’re dying to know!

Since the release of their first song ‘Colours’ back in 2016, Luna Bay have risen from strength to strength. And I have to say I’ve been in love with their sound from the very start. A plethora of releases later, support slots filled and large headline shows – London Scala to be a highlight! The boys are making themselves heard, so sit back and be part of the story that is Luna Bay.

Hi Luna Bay! How are you all doing?

We’re all great thanks, how are you?

That’s great, I’m very well thankyou!

So, what’s the story behind Luna Bay?

We started as a band back in 2016, with all of us meeting at uni. Me and Alex had a couple of song ideas which I then brought to Rye and Sammy and it all fell in to place there and then. Since then, we’ve developed as a band which I think is down to the music we’ve put out and have been lucky enough to play across the U.K, and even playing our debut Paris headline on tour last year!

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard you before?

We’ve had comparisons in the past to Two Door Cinema Club and bands similar to that, but I think we’re mostly an indie rock sound with pop influences.

Since releasing in 2019, ‘Call The Night’ has come in at a million streams on Spotify! Congrats! It’s such a tune! How did it come about?

We couldn’t believe it reached a million streams already, we’re super grateful to everyone showing their support! We were on tour with The Aces, an amazing band from America, and the main melody popped into my head and I recorded it on my voice notes. I totally forgot about till after the tour I sat down to write and found it. It all fell out pretty much that day and then added little tweaks here and there!

You’ve kept busy in lockdown, with the release of ‘Misunderstood’ (what a tune!), numerous covers and a live gig! How important is it to stay connected with your fans during these unpredictable times?

Thank you! Its definitely felt really important to us to keep ourselves busy whether it’s been writing or doing live streamed gigs, especially to give our followers something to see and interact with, hopefully brightening up there day too during this odd time!

100%, watching your Instagram covers has been great! I especially loved the concept behind the video for ‘Misunderstood’, definitely brought your fans together.

What’s been the best moment of your musical career so far?

I think my two personal highlights would be getting Little Amsterdam as introducing track of the week on Radio 1. Hearing that everyday on there was surreal! And also headlining a sold-out Scala in London last year on our tour. That was a really special gig for us.

Credit: Ciaran Frederick Photography

I saw your Instagram post about more music coming! Eeee! Can you give us a little hint of what’s to come?

We definitely do have some more music on its way! We were very lucky to go a record in August with Larry Hibbitt who just produced the new Sea Girls album! The songs are definitely a more mature sound I think and more rock influenced, but I am so excited for people to hear what we have coming up, the first single will be coming out around the end of October/early November!

Oooh how exciting! I can’t wait to hear what’s to come.

Favourite tipple?

A nice cold pint I think for me, or just a simple whiskey and coke!

Good choices, who doesn’t love a cold pint!

Favourite song or album of all time?

That is a really tough one, there’s so many to pick! A song I recently found though called Lost Boy by Greg Holden is amazing, it’s quite sad but I could listen to it all day!

I’ll have to check it out!

What does 2021 hold for Luna Bay?

I think for now our plan is just to release music as much as we can. The live side of the industry is pretty chaotic at the moment unfortunately, but we are keeping an eye out for when we can play as soon as possible, we miss it so much!

Sadly that’s very true, but we always love to hear new music! Thanks so much Connor for taking the time to talk to me, stay safe!

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