Getting to know: Red Rum Club

I caught up with Liverpool’s favourite sextet Red Rum Club and discussed latest release Ballerino EP, upcoming album Hollow of The Humdrum and much more.

Hi Red Rum Club! How are you all?

We’re currently very busy, we’re in the midst of filming various videos, prepping a lot for our album release (2nd October) and our 2021 tour! We’re also excited to show everyone the album now that some of our album launches have sold out already!

Most people have heard of Red Rum Club but for those who haven’t, could you tell us the story behind the name and how you all got together?

With the name we wanted something cinematic to match our sound, so we watched a few horror films hoping we’d get some inspiration. When watching ‘The Shining’ we liked the ‘Red Rum’ vibe, it stuck with us, and as we’re like a big family, ‘club’ fitted well.

The first time we all got together was in our guitarist’s bedroom, Mike had invited all of who he thought was the best from the other bands from where we live. We’d all played in different bands for a while, so we all knew about each other, so we thought we’d make a ‘super-group’, that’s we liked to think anyway.

Can you pinpoint any artists who have particularly influenced your sound?

Ennio Morricone probably. Obviously we’re a Liverpool band and so it goes without saying that you look up to The Beatles, but our actual sound as a band we always aspire to get that spaghetti western vibe in there.

I’ve really been enjoying your latest release three-track Ballerino EP, could you tell us a little bit more about the inspirations for this release?

The inspiration for the song came to Tom when he was at Bootle FC for a private party last year. There were children’s entertainers and a disco and stuff for the kids. He told us about how this one young lad stole the show with his dancing and the ovation he received from everybody. It felt like some social progression had been made generationally, toxic masculinity was forgotten about. But at the end of the day the young lad deserved a song...

I can’t wait for the release of Hollow of The Humdrum, I caved and pre-ordered the vinyl! Could you tell us a little bit about the creative processes behind this album, did you face any challenges due to being in lockdown? Or did you find unexpected sources of inspiration?

Thank you! Like most artists writing and recording their second album, we found ourselves feeling rushed for time. The first album was written over a few years, and some songs had been written over and over, played live and then changed again. This time, songs were being written in hotel rooms after gigs, and Mike would be creating the demo’s on a laptop on the bus to the next city; at times we felt under a lot of pressure.

Thankfully, we had recorded our album before lockdown came into action, so surprisingly lockdown gave us a chance to be more prepared with everything going on behind the scenes, and a head-start In writing more material.

What’s been your highlight as a band so far? With an extensive amount of live performances and releases under your belt, you must have a fair few!

This is a tough one, we’ve had some amazing experiences in and out of the country, some of the band would say playing at Glastonbury, others would say either our time at Slipen Scene in Norway, or when we travelled to Seoul in South Korea to play a festival there. We are playing our biggest headline show in April (Liverpool Mountford Hall) so after that one, we’d probably all agree on that being our favourite!

With an upcoming 27 date UK Tour planned for next year, you must all be so excited to get performing again! What have you missed most about performing live?

Obviously being on stage is a massive thing we love and miss, giving it your all, seeing people in the crowd react to different songs. Especially now we’ve released two new songs and haven’t been able to see how they’d go down at gigs, that’s made us miss it even more, but that’s not everything. Something we’ve always loved to do, is meeting fans after a show, going for a drink or a night out with them and getting to know people all over the country, that’s something which we can’t wait to get back to doing as well.

Top three favourite songs at the moment?

Black Pumas - Colors

Flyte - Cathy Come Home

ABBA - Does Your Mother Know?

Top song choices! Thanks so much for your time guys.

As we eagerly await the release of Hollow of The Humdrum, in the mean time check out Ballerino on Spotify here:

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