Greysha - Life Goes Fluently

Norfolk born but now Shropshire based artist Greysha, has just released her debut single ‘Life Goes Fluently’. The psychedelic and dream-pop sounding song convey her journey of realising life has no answers when you need them, but sometimes we need to work out things for ourselves – the beauty in not knowing.

do you wanna lose some time, have a cigarette with me?”

I fell in love with her sound on the first listen to ‘Life Goes Fluently’, her vocals whilst laid back are sincere and honest. You feel like your drawn into her music by her voice and then immersed into the melodies and sounds shortly after. She tears down the music scene with her distinctive sound and despite her young age knows exactly what she wants and where she’s going and I’m excited to hear more from her.

We’d be silly not to make way for Greysha.

At only seventeen years old, she takes inspiration from the challenges she has faced throughout life – from childhood to present and incorporates those into her music. The lyrics are intimate and vulnerable as she opens up her heart to the listener and lays everything down on the page.

“my hearts getting undressed”

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