Hartley - Crimson

From a city with a music scene as big as their sound, Manchester-based Hartley met at University and became the four-piece delight they are today. Although how they met isn’t unusual for most bands, Hartley stands out from the crowd with their developed style formed of a fusion of genres; rock, pop, prog and grunge.

Their third Soundcloud release and newest, ‘Crimson’ further continues the themes of their songs ranging from passionate lyrics about love to incredibly painful heartbreak.

The message behind the song according to lead singer Alesha: “Crimson is about the moment you realise that you have met someone who is everything you ever wanted. It’s that feeling when you know that your desire for them could rip you apart, but you still can’t walk away”.


With Alesha’s strong, quirky vocals fronting the song and lyrics which are so cleverly crafted it would be simply unfair for me to liken Hartley to another artist. They have discovered their own sound and it works so well. My favourite part of the song is the marching drums building up to the passionate outburst ‘from you I can’t be saved’.

Hartley will take your heart in their hands and leave you with song after song which you can relate to. Give them a listen below:


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