“Heavenly Father“ by Mike Merton - a mesmerising take on the Bon Iver classic

From beginning to end, this cover of Bon Iver’s “Heavenly Father“ is nothing short of a masterpiece and has certainly done the original justice.

Even the simplistic artwork represents the vibe of this cover in more ways than you could ever imagine.

In the past, many people have attempted to cover this song and whereas they are all good in their own right, Mike Merton brings us into his own style with a warm yet familiar feeling.

Right off the bat, the acoustic guitar immediately introduces you to a calm but intriguing take on the Bon Iver classic. When the smooth vocals hit you, all you want to do is carry on listening to see where the song will take you next. It might not be his song but you can hear the passion in Merton's voice as this song continuously crescendos with the addition of electric guitar, emotive backing vocals, and powerful drums.

The song dropped on Spotify towards the end of October last year and has already amounted to over 22,000 streams. Bon Iver himself doesn’t have an official version of this song on Spotify so if I were you, it would definitely go into my playlist.

Check it out below:


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