Hivemind - Medicine

Making themselves heard on the Sunderland music scene, Hivemind is the pop-punk quartet with immense attitude and talent. This is the first time I’ve had the pleasure of listening to the band and I have to say ‘Medicine’ is truly a song which will put Hivemind on your radar if they weren’t already.

Photography: Darran Moore

It’s the perfect blend of all things you’d feel while facing the journey of loving someone very bad for you, the band compares the love to addiction, suggesting the person is infatuated and their feelings are maybe a little too intoxicating “Medicine, yeah you’ve got me on the floor, soaked in sweat and in love”.

As frontwoman Georgia vocals take center stage, we truly feel a variety of emotions channeled through her singing: frustration, sadness, heart-ache, love, and anger. First listen I got Paramore vibes, Georgia’s voice reminds you of the great Hayley Williams.

Compared to previous releases, Hivemind have slowed things down a bit with 'Medicine' and experimented with a different sound. Although still bringing their punk rock sound which we all love, with heavy riffs and bold drumming but slowing the tempo down to create a more heartfelt tune.

Give ‘Medicine’ a listen below:

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