“Hollow tree“ - Mike Merton: a genre crossing song with unexpected twists that keeps you entertained

“Are you proud of all that you’ve done?“

It is a good question and one that Mike Merton poses in his most recent release “Hollow Tree“, which has plenty of twists and turns that seem fitting for where the world is at right now.

Firstly, you don’t hear many songs that start simply plucking away at what seems to be a bum note on an acoustic guitar yet somehow, Merton can pull it off in his latest track.

Not long after the guitar starts, the soothing vocals kick in with a strangely eerie overtone - which is also represented by the artwork - and the song starts to take a direction.

Merton has been able to create a signature sound of his own, which is very much evident in this new track. As the song enters the chorus, the electric guitar doesn’t mess about and brings in a rocky vibe to what otherwise seemed to be quite a chill song. Even the drumbeat in the background pumps this song up to another level.

By the time the song gets round to the second chorus, things have taken a turn and the only music we can hear is from the vocals and the acoustic guitar playing what seems to be just a single string to keep the rhythm going.

From here, you expect a big explosion into a wall of sound to transpire but instead, a calm interval section occurs with pleasing licks on the guitar to keep the listener's attention as you await what is to come next.

Eventually, we get that explosion into the wall of sound with a 90s like distorted guitar tone which takes this song to yet another level for the grand finale.

Hollow Tree seems to take on a form of numerous different genres including folk vibes, indie, chill, and rock. The way this song crescendos into a big finish is just what to expect from Merton at this point too.

Lyrically, this song asks important questions you don’t want to hear regarding life, how far you have come, and even where you are going.

As a minor criticism, I would say that this song goes on a tad too long coming in at 5:22, although I understand as to why and no matter what, I can’t wait to see what Mike comes up with next.

Check out the song on Spotify here:


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