Hollywood (UK) - 'Things Are Different Now'

First of all, I love her choice of artistic alias, Hollywood (UK). Hailing from Liverpool but now studying in York, Holly spends her free time creating music in her home studio.

With a plethora of songs available for listening on Spotify and Youtube, Holly covers a range of genres within her music effortlessly well. One of my favourites, ‘Susan Killed The Cat’ wasn’t what I expected, but I love it. It completely took me by surprise, an upbeat, energetic song which will get you dancing, or at least your feet tapping.

Despite being in lockdown, Holly isn’t letting it ruin her creative flow if anything it’s inspiring her. Her new album ‘Things Are Different now’ is available on Youtube for your listening and out on Spotify next Friday. I shall link both at the end of the review!

The track listing comprises of the following: ‘Wide Awake’, ‘Reiterate’ ‘Outside’ and ‘Juggernaut’. The album kicks off with a strong emotive introduction under the name of 'Wide Awake' and doesn't disappoint as it progresses.

Coming across Holly's music feels like that moment when you’re at a festival on a hot summers day, you're walking away from the loud rap music on stage and suddenly you hear unfamiliar music filtering through the trees, and before you know it you find yourself walking towards it.

You fall upon new and exciting sounds; her voice fills the sky and the instrumentation encompasses her vocals perfectly – you realise this is exactly where you should be. Because hearing her is the best performance you’ve heard all day.

So, check out ‘Things Are Different Now’ on Youtube below!


Pre-order ‘Things Are Different Now’ below!


And finally, her Spotify:


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