In Earnest - Come Upstairs

Southend alt-indie trio In Earnest is back with the release of 'Come Upstairs'. A two-track tear-jerking folk triumph which will pull on your heartstrings and leave you desperate for more.

Fuelled by front-couple Sarah and Thomas, they have used their platform to encourage discussions surrounding the topic of mental health issues. 'Come Upstairs' is written from Thomas's perspective, urging his partner Sarah not to give up hope.

Thomas says: “In the wake of my partner’s mental health struggles, it feels like I spend every waking moment trying to keep a brave or positive face on and there are times when I find it difficult to maintain my own identity. We’re gradually learning how to combat negative thinking, but I’m usually the one who takes the weight and pulls her out of waves of depression.”

The first track, ‘Come Upstairs’ is emotional, raw and absolutely breath-taking. I’ll admit, I’m a typical girl and wouldn’t normally listen to music like this unless I felt really sad. But, in this single In Earnest have hooked me by their authentic sound.

Combining all of the elements that make an emotive, heartfelt ballad In Earnest will take your heart in their hand and guide you through their single. You will be left feeling emotions you have never felt after flawless ending track 'put me under'.

Give it a listen below:

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