Introducing Alt-folk artist Hiver

If you’re a fan of the likes of Ben Howard, I would like to introduce Hiver. Many thoughts flashed across my mind on first listen to his music: firstly, I was astounded by what I was hearing and secondly how have I not heard of him before?

2019 was when things truly began for Hiver, firstly, the release of his self-titled debut EP then shortly following was the release of two singles, ‘What Could Be’ and ‘Alone’. Featuring haunting vocals and soulful sincerity in lyrics, paired with soft harmonious instrumentation - Hiver will be your soundtrack to your late-night drive or accompany you when you simply need some time to think.

The feel of a big studio set up would be your initial reaction when hearing his music, but you will be surprised to know the atmospheric landscapes are created within his bedroom.

Give him a listen below:

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